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Peter The Redemption Is Out On DVD August 2, 2016

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Having recently released the faith based film “Joseph and Mary,” Cinedigm is set to release another low-budget faith based drama titled “Peter The Redemption.” The film (which stars John Rhys-Davies and Stephen Baldwin) revolves around the Apostle Peter who has been imprisoned by the Roman Emperor Nero, a servant/follower of Christ (Susanna) and a Roman guard named Martinian.

If you are a fan of biblical movies, you pretty much know what to expect here as this tale is filled with typically strong themes such as morality, bravery, faith, redemption (obviously), and sacrifice. Personally, this genre of film is not my cup of tea, but I will admit that the presence of John Rhys-Davies definitely classes the movie up. Stephen Baldwin, on the other hand, is a very strange choice as Nero and his performance is often wooden, weird and creepy.

Presentation: Widescreen.     Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1.

Extras: A Dove Channel free trial.

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  1. Our family recently saw this film and loved it! I thought the actors all did a great job and Nero was creepy and evil as per history. It seemed like a realistic portrayal of how it would have been during that time. I do not just watch faith based films, but I can appreciate them when they are not overtly pushing religion. When there is more of a realistic moral message being presented. I enjoy watching these types of films with my family. Especially with my teens because we can have great conversations that relate to the values I hope they carry into adulthood. Personally, I am a fan of actors John Rhys-Davies and a fan of Bobbie Phillips from the great television series Murder One. It was a pleasant surprise to see her again since it seems she left acting for a long while. She played her role very well. I enjoyed the relationship of Suzanna and Martinian and thought the actors did an excellent job. The costumes and look were very well done keeping in mind it was made for DVD not the big screen. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys biblical films. But, I think others who know about the history of the Roman Empire and the evil Nero will enjoy this take on it.

    Comment by ProudFatherofGreatTeens | August 21, 2016 | Reply

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