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The Piper DVD Review

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“The Piper” is well worth a watch.

In this retelling of the classic “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” story, the story revolves around a wandering flute playing father and his ill son who are en route to Seoul in a post Korean War time period. While on their journey, the two happen upon a seemingly peaceful sheltered picturesque village. Initially, the two were set to stay a single night, but the father becomes hired to get rid of all of the rats which have been infesting the village. On top of that, the local shaman (Mi-Sook) takes a shine to the father and son and wants to join them on their trip to Seoul. After that all hell breaks loose when the father is essentially betrayed by the whole village (which harbors some dark secrets). To say anything more would be entering spoiler territory, but suffice to say, the last act bears a strong resemblance to the end of the original Pied Piper tale.

The 2015 Korean film “The Piper” (AKA “Guest”) isn’t a film that has been getting a lot of press here in the U.S. which is a shame as it’s a pretty interesting little movie. The film is essentially two movies in one. The first half is a slow burn with some lighthearted moments and an emphasis on character. The second half takes an extremely dark turn as it becomes crazy and violent (to put it mildly).

What really makes “The Piper” so rewarding is that it puts a fresh new spin on the classic Pied Paper fairy tale. Obviously, retold fairy tales are certainly nothing new in this day and age, but “The Piper” takes a horror film esque approach to the story with a decidedly unique setting and time period to boot. There’s no doubt that the original story is pretty warped in its own right so an even darker take felt like a smart choice.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? This is a very well shot film and the transfer does not disappoint.

Audio Tracks: English and Korean Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0. How does it sound? Forget the English dub and go with the original language Korean track.

The only extras are CJ Entertainment trailers.


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