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Pokémon: Johto League Champions- The Complete Collection DVD Review

Pokemon- Johto League Champions- The Complete Collection DVD

Strictly for “Pokémon” fans.

In the 52 episode “Pokémon: Johto League Champions- The Complete Collection,” aspiring Pokémon Master Ash, Misty, and Brock embark on a series of adventures. Among the stories told in this set are: Travels to Goldenrod City, Ecruteak City, and the desert, Ash trying to nab Gym Badges in order to enter the Johto League tournament, Gym Leaders and Gym Battles, NUMEROUS run ins with the villainous Team Rocket, a Bug Pokémon Catching Contest, Ash obtaining more Pokémon, various competitions (Seaking Fishing, Pokémon Beauty, hot air balloon race), characters they meet on their travels (like Casey, Aya, Nurse Joy, and Natu), encountering various Pokémon creatures, a Grass Pokémon Tournament, Brock swooning over girls, Pokémon Sumo Championship, missing or stolen Pokémon, and  Ash helping out people.

Given that “Pokémon Go” is seemingly everywhere you look right now, it seems only fitting to review this right now. Now, in full disclosure, I know very little about “Pokémon” as it came out when I was older. If I was younger, it’s quite possible I would have been into it, but that’s all speculation. With that said, I went into this 16 year old season with an open mind. Unfortunately, I just don’t get the appeal.

It’s possible the toys, video games and card games are more entertaining, but as a series, “Pokémon” is a very repetitive and often annoying show. Between the tedious Team Rocket villains and the squeaky and loud Pokémon characters, the series becomes tiresome rather quickly. At the time, it might have been something special, but watching it now, it’s just a standard set collection series that lacks storytelling depth.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? The 2D animation is obviously dated but it still looks decent.

Audio Track: Unspecified Audio Track. How does it sound? The English dub is fine.

Extras: None.

Overall Thoughts: If you adore  “Pokémon” by all means pick up this DVD set. You certainly get a lot of episodes for your dollar here.


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