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Firefly Fluxx Card Game Review

Firefly Fluxx

“Firefly Fluxx” soars like a leaf on the wind into stores.

When I heard there was a new edition of the addicting Looney Labs card game Fluxx based in the “Firefly” universe, I had to check it out. As a fan of Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi series, I wanted to see how that universe fit into the ever changing Fluxx universe. While the game is thematic to a degree, “Firefly Fluxx” is pretty much your standard Fluxx game. Make of that as you will.

For those not familiar with Fluxx, the 2-6 player game is housed in a cardboard carton that contains a product catalog, a fold-out rule booklet, and 100 cards. In this particular version of the game, there are 18 keepers, 2 creepers, 32 goals, 21 actions, 22 new rules, and 5 surprise cards. As per usual, the game begins with the first player drawing 1 card and playing 1 card and the game unfolds and changes with each card played. The object of the game is to ultimately achieve a goal. This is usually done with a combination of keepers. As I mentioned above, the game is constantly changing as there are new rules, hand limits, canceled actions, cards being stolen, and so on. Due to the unpredictable nature of Fluxx, the length of the game could be anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour. You never know what will happen or what your opponent’s strategies are and that’s what makes this wacky card game so rewarding.

Now, I’m sure many people are reading this review to see what sticks out about this Firefly edition and or how it compares to others. Truthfully, it plays like any other Fluxx game. For better or worse, this edition doesn’t incorporate any new elements to separate itself from other editions. It’s just Fluxx.

In terms of content, it should be noted that “Firefly Fluxx” is a bit heavy on goals, but oddly light on keepers and creepers. I’m not sure why more characters like Badger or Jubal weren’t added in the game as it would have opened it up more. With that said, the game certainly goes all out in capturing many elements from the beloved Whedon series with cards focusing on stuff like Hands of Blue and Kaylee’s Parasol. Terminology and quotes are also incorporated here. This is especially evident in a few rule and action cards. For example, an Action card titled “I’ll be in my bunk” states “Excuse yourself from the game and leave the room for a few minutes. While you are away, your turn is skipped but you remain eligible for victory and no one can mess with your stuff. When you return, draw an extra card.” Amusing, no?

As entertaining as the game is, there is one drawback to the game and that’s the card art. Instead of using film images from the show, gamers have to gawk at cartoonish depictions of Mal, River, Simon, Kaylee, Book, etc. This wouldn’t be an issue if the art was good, but the art we do get leaves a lot to be desired. Why does River look cutesy and why does Jayne look nothing like Adam Baldwin? I don’t know, but it’s distracting to say the least.

Overall Thoughts: While I still prefer “Pirate Fluxx” and “Monty Python Fluxx,” this version is tailor made for Firefly fans that love Fluxx or are curious about this unique card game.

Note: “Firefly Fluxx” is scheduled to be available March 18, 2016 for $20 or less depending on where you purchase the game.

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