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The Hatching DVD Review

The Hatching DVD

“The Hatching” is flat-out unwatchable.

This British horror-comedy starts off with 3 kids (led by Tim) stealing 3 gator eggs. Amidst their theft, a tragic accident occurs and one of the kids is eaten by a croc. The story then jumps ahead 15 years where we see an adult Tim now running a small village factory that his late father left him in charge of. The village is thrown into chaos, however, when people begin to disappear. At first, it looks like these disappearances are a result of crocodiles on the loose, but some of these disappearances are due to something even more sinister.

Don’t be fooled by the cover art. “The Hatching” is in no way a “Jaws” esque killer crocodile movie. Not only is the killer crocodile element merely a part of the movie, but the movie isn’t remotely scary. In fact, it bills itself as a comedy even though you will be hard pressed to find a single moment funny (unless you find onion eating funny).

Worse still is the inept screenplay by Michael Anderson and Nick Squire and the editing by Jeremy Gibbs. It’s hard to tell who is more responsible for the atrocious story structure, but it feels like it was a collaborative screw-up. The film jumps around from scene to scene and character to character by barely establishing anyone’s character (or developing any character for that matter). More often than not, the film feels like a random collection of scenes as there is very little lead up to anything happening on screen. It’s as if director Michael Anderson thought he could coast on the horror elements alone to sell his movie.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? If there’s one thing I can say about this movie it’s that it is well shot. The transfer does the cinematography justice.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The track has very little to do, but it’s acceptable overall.

Extras: Lionsgate trailers, digital copy, “The Hatching” trailer, and a 32 minute featurette titled “Beneath The Surface Of The Hatching” which contains set footage, interviews, film clips, discussions about the tone and cast, etc.


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