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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2- The Battle For Doldrey Blu-ray Review

Berserk- The Golden Age Arc 2- The Battle For Doldrey Blu-ray

“Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2- The Battle For Doldrey” doesn’t connect.

Taking place where Arc 1 left off, “Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2- The Battle For Doldrey” begins with Guts (and his giant sword) and The Band of the Hawk (commanded by Griffith) battling Lord Adon Coborlwitz and his Chuder army. Commander Casca and Guts are injured in battle, but know they must recoup to take a seemingly invincible fortress (Doldrey) from Chuder forces.

Action aside, there are several character centric moments involving Guts and Casca and, more importantly, Guts relationship with Griffith. There’s more going on in the story, but I don’t want to reveal everything.

While it’s nice to see a little more character development (especially with Casca) and some more reflective scenes involving the lead character Guts in this sequel, those moments can’t save what is essentially a battle movie filled with extreme violence, a “Two Towers” influence/rip-off, and death, death, and yes, death. I’m sure “Berserk” fans will get more out of this movie than the casual viewer, but I just can’t connect with the story or characters. Not even the cliffhanger ending had me engaged enough to finish the trilogy.

I believe the primary reason “The Battle For Doldrey” doesn’t work is that the “Berserk” manga simply can’t be encapsulated into a film trilogy. As with any adaptation, story moments and characterization are clearly truncated. Sometimes, cutting out material can work with certain adaptations, but in the case of the “Berserk” movies, it feels like more is needed.

As for the animation, the 3D animation still looks a bit clumsy (especially with the character designs). The hyper stylized slow motion flashback sequence was also quite irritating in design. The rest of the animation, however, is solid across the board.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The colors really pop in this hi-def transfer.

Audio Tracks: English and Japanese DTS-HD tracks. How does it sound? The Japanese track contains superb voice acting thanks to some top notch talent. The English track is merely so-so.

* Viz Media trailers and 4 “The Egg Of The King” trailers.
* Production art gallery.
* NUMEROUS goofy English voice cast outtakes.
* “Susumu Hirasawa “Aria” Live Concert”- Footage of the composer conducting and performing “Berserk” music live.
* Interviews with Japanese voice actresses Aki Toyaski and Minako Kotobuki. They chat about their roles, the third film, characters, etc.



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