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Man Up Blu-ray Review

Man Up Blu-ray

“Man Up” is a typically predictable Rom Com.

Nancy is a single 30 something woman who is seemingly being pressured by everyone around her to find a boyfriend. As luck would have it, she accidentally meets a guy (Jack) who was meant to go out on a blind date with another woman (Jessica). Thinking he might have potential, Nancy pretends to be Jessica and decides to go out on a date with him. Surprise, surprise- Jack and Nancy begin to bond. Alas, the truth has to come out eventually which winds up putting a damper on things. On top of that, Nancy discovers that Jack is a soon to be divorced man who hasn’t quite got over the situation yet. Can Nancy and Jack someone help each other forward in life and find love (perhaps with each other?). I’m sure you know the answer to that question.

“Man Up” is a British Rom Com that checks all the expected boxes that one would expect from the genre. It’s a quirky, far fetched romantic comedy filled with hijinks, snappy dialogue, coincidences, oddball moments, over-the-top characters (see Rory Kinnear’s irritating character Sean), and an inordinate amount of bathroom scenes. And I didn’t connect with a single moment of it.

“Man Up” has the type of romantic story that you would only see in the movies. Sure, Simon Pegg and Lake Bell are charming leads that sell the characters, but the story feels so very forced and easy from the get go. Of course, that’s always been the problem with romantic comedies anyway, but this film almost feels like it’s nothing more than a collection of Rom Com clichés.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Not much more to say other than it’s a fine transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD  MA. How does it sound? While the film is largely a dialogue driven piece, there are lively moments that put the 5.1 track to work. Overall, it’s a solid track.

* Digital copy.
* Lionsgate trailers.
* 6 minute gag reel.
* Very jokey interviews with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. They chat about dates, movies, “Man Up,” and more.
* The 40 minute “The Seven Beats Of Man Up” contains film clips, set footage, cast and crew interviews, discussions about the script, etc.

Overall Thoughts: If you love romantic comedies, you will eat this up. If you don’t, you would be wise to skip it.


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