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The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics DVD Review

The Hee Haw Collection- Kornfield Klassics DVD

“The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics” is strictly for the fans.

In what is easily one of the most random DVD releases of recent memory, “The Hee Haw Collection: Kornfield Klassics” contains a whopping 2 episodes (episodes 45 and 48). The episodes contain the usual fare such as the cornfield joke tellings, the sketch comedy (if you want to call it that), music numbers, animated bits, and guest performances by the likes of Peggy Little, Roger Miller, Loretta Lynn, Susan Raye and Bill Anderson.

Having reviewed and seen “Hee Haw” for the first time last year, I found myself baffled as to how this was once a major hit. Granted, the variety series (which is hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark) clearly had a fanbase in the rural and country areas, but the fact that the series has continued to endure is mystifying, but the series itself is downright painful. Between the jokes that are so bad that they even spell them out for you at points to anything involving Junior Samples (how did this guy ever get on TV?), “Hee Haw” will undoubtedly have many viewers shaking their head in agony.

The only saving grace here are the musical performances. In the case of this DVD, Loretta Lynn steals the show (especially her performance of “Coal Miner’s Daughter”).


Presentation: Fullscreen. How does it look? Since there is no restoration, the show predictably looks like it has aged. The colors appear faded and the prints aren’t exactly stunning.

Audio Track: Unspecified. How does it sound? The audio isn’t going to wow anyone, but the music is at least clear enough.

No extras.

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