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Rebirth Of Mothra Trilogy Blu-ray Review

Rebirth of Mothra Trilogy Blu-ray.jpg

Mothra fans will adore the “Rebirth of Mothra” trilogy.

When it comes to Kaiju characters, Mothra doesn’t exactly rank high on my list. While she can make a good foil for Godzilla and or be a solid supporting character, Mothra and her mythology isn’t nearly as compelling as it could be. So, what did I think of a whole trilogy dedicated to the fan favorite character? Read on to find out.

In the first “Rebirth of Mothra,” a human family (the Goto family) becomes mixed up in a chaotic ordeal involving a destructive Kaiju (Desgidora), a sacred seal, the tiny Elias (Moll and Lora) and their villainous sister Belvera, Mothra’s son, and, of course, Mothra.

While I wasn’t expecting much “Rebirth of Mothra,” I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. The first installment of the trilogy offered up plenty of action, a somewhat dark tone, some solid special effects (and some not so special effects), and an admirable environmental message. At the same time, there were some decidedly cheesy moments and Mothra proved to once again be a rather dull hero. The King Ghidorah knock-off villain (Desgidora) didn’t make much an impression either for that matter

The story of “Rebirth of Mothra 2” concerns a young girl (Shiori) and 2 classmates (Yoji and Kyohei) become embroiled in a crazy situation involving a sea beast Kaiju (Dagahra) which can create mutant lifeforms known as Barem, a special fuzzy creature (Gorgo), a legendary sea kingdom which houses treasure, and the return of characters from the first film (Moll, Lora, Belvera and Mothra).

While sort of a rehash of the first film in some respects, “Rebirth of Mothra 2” is far and away the best of the three installments. It’s a much more family friendly adventure film, but I felt that approach worked for this film since it feels like an 80’s Amblin movie at heart. Sure, there’s some really goofy humor here, but the film is brimming with personality.

Last, but not least there’s “Rebirth of Mothra 3” which finds Mothra facing off against King Ghidorah (who is abducting children). As with the previous two films, Lora, Moll and Belvera are integral to the story once again. There’s also a time travel plot which is reminiscent of the story element used in “Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah.”

With King Ghidorah in the mix one would think this would be a great finale for the trilogy, but truthfully, it’s probably the weakest of the lot. Basically, there’s another threat to the human world and it’s up for the dull Mothra to save the day again. No more, no less.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How do they look? Overall, the films look colorful if a bit fuzzy at times. “Rebirth of Mothra 2” is actually in the best shape of the 3.

Audio Track: Japanese 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The tracks are all underwhelming.

* 3 teasers and a theatrical trailer for “Rebirth of Mothra” 1 and 2. Two teasers and a theatrical trailer for “Rebirth of Mothra 3.”

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