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Doc Martin Series 7 DVD Review

Doc Martin Series 7 DVD

The seventh series is sure to please “Doc Martin” fans.

In the 8 episode seventh series, the main story revolves around Martin seeing a therapist (Doctor Rachel Timoney) in order to help his struggling marriage with school teacher Louisa. Of course, there are plenty of other stories involving medical emergencies, Janice babysitting James Henry, whisky making, camping, a dog (Buddy), an eccentric new art teacher, PC Penhale and Janice and subplots involving characters of the quaint Portwenn (such as Ruth, Al, Bert and Morwenna). Viewers can also expect an out of the blue guest appearance by Sigourney Weaver as an American tourist named Beth.

When I first saw “Doc Martin,” it didn’t exactly bowl me over. To me, it felt like a standard “fish out of water” story with a procedural element. While the series still doesn’t strike me as must see TV, the popular quirky small town (or village rather) dramedy has grown on me.

What really makes “Doc Martin” work isn’t the story, but the ensemble cast. How can you not be amused by veteran actor Martin Clunes who plays the titular character? He embodies the grumpy, cold, serious and honest Dr. Martin Ellingham. You can’t imagine anyone else in the role. The supporting cast is just as charming (especially Ian McNeice as Bert).

In terms of the episode content, the seventh series is a time of change and conflict for Martin and other characters. I don’t want to get into any spoiler territory, but suffice to say, I think the faithful fanbase who are invested in these characters will certainly find this series/season to be an emotional one.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Because of the location shooting, “Doc Martin” is often a picturesque series. It should be no surprise then that the DVD transfer looks superb. Note: Series 7 is also available on Blu-ray

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? No problems here. It does the job.

* Acorn trailers (including ads for other Martin Clunes shows).
* Featurettes that spotlight Port Isaac, Martin Clunes, tourist fans, kids & animals, the production, life on set, new characters and fan favorites, creating a scene, and the dynamic of Martin and Louisa.
* A photo gallery.

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