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Alternative Movie Posters 2 Book Review

Alternative Movie Posters 2 Book

“Alternative Movie Posters 2” is a worthy sequel.

After “Alternative Movie Posters” was released, it seemed like only a matter of time before a sequel would be released because there’s simply too much great film art out there. Apparently editor/curator Matthew Chojnacki shared my sentiment as “Alternative Movie Posters 2: More Film Art From The Underground” is now a reality.

After a passionate intro by Matthew Chojnacki, the book dives right into hundreds of alternative film posters of everything from “A Christmas Story” to “A Clockwork Orange.” Like the previous book, each poster art entry is accompanied by the artist’s name, a website where you can find his or her work, behind the scenes info about the poster, artist influences, favorite films and or genres, art styles of choice, clients, and sometimes film industry thoughts. The pieces were all made for various reasons as some were private commissions while others were used for film festivals, art gallery shows, magazines, and even Blu-ray covers.

As I poured over the pages of “Alternative Movie Posters 2,” I couldn’t help but smile. Whether I was seeing Marie Bergeron’s headless horse “The Godfather” poster, Tomasz Opasinski’s creative “The Thing” art, Tom Hodge’s atmospheric “Day of the Dead” piece, or Joey Spiotto’s cute Little Golden Books inspired “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” posters, I was just happy to see REAL film posters.

As many folks out there know, going to the multiplex and seeing posters these days is largely depressing as they tend to be plagued by hideous and lifeless photoshop work. Once upon a time poster art really meant something. It could sell you on a film whether it was bad or good. More than that, however, you were seeing inspired artistry. With “Alternative Movie Posters 2,” you get that feeling again as you see many beloved films getting snazzy posters by artists across the globe. You’ll be reminded that poster art is not dead and is, in fact, alive and well (even if it’s underground).

Overall Thoughts: If you’re an art fan, a film buff, or are in need of a coffee table conversation piece, “Alternative Movie Posters 2” is for you.


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