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Aquarion: EVOL Season 2 Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

Aquarion- EVOL Season 2 Part 1 Blu-ray-DVD Combo Pack

Season 2 part 1 of “Aquarion: EVOL” won’t inspire you to watch more episodes.

In the first 13 episodes of “Aquarion: Evol” (the sequel series to “Genesis of Aquarion”), viewers are introduced to a movie theater employee who has special flying powers (Amata). At the beginning of the story Amata meets a girl named Mikono and just as the two begin to get to know one another, alien invaders (the Abductors) led by Kagura from Altair attack the planet Vega. As you can probably guess, Amata and Mikono get swept up in the battle. Eventually, they become members of the Neo-DEAVA organization where Elements (other powered people) use Vectors (mechs) to fight Abductors. An Aquarion is essentially the equivalent of a Power Rangers Megazord in which the Vector ships connect to form a big robot.

Throughout the episodes, there are other major plots involving what the Abductors are seeking, battles, Elements (such as Cayenne, Commander Zed, Schrade, Yunoha, Mix, Andy and Zessica), Kagura falling for Mikono, female and male pilots being forbidden to fall in love, the “Skies of Aquaria” movie, an undercover Abductor (won’t say who), Jin and Yunoha’s relationship, and the mysterious and powerful Abductor Mykage.

Aside from Satelight’s impressive animation (the giant mechs, ships, explosive action, and the inspired direction is especially noteworthy here), “Aquarion: EVOL” leaves a lot to be desired. It’s your standard clichéd mechs vs. aliens anime series that is littered with overdone themes, lame brained dialogue, over the top powers, a sappy love story, and some nauseatingly cutesy characters (see the cat named Shushu). Unless you’re a die hard mech fan, the series offers nothing of substance to anime fans.


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. How does it look? As mentioned above, the animation is the best part of the series and, thankfully, this Blu-ray release boasts a spectacular hi-def transfer.

Audio Tracks: English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0. How do the tracks sound? Truth be told, both tracks are so-so as there are is quite a bit of overacting.

* Trailers for “Eureka Seven AO,” “Akira,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Jormungand,” “Blood-C,” “Sakura Wars,” “Last Exile-Fam, the Slver Wing-,” “Fairy Tail,” Anime Classics and Funimation.com.
* Commentary on episode 1 by Christopher Bevins, Brina Palecia, and J. Michael Tatum. The three chat and joke around about the two Aquarion series, their work and careers, the characters, etc.
* Textless opening and closing songs.
* A U.S. trailer for “Aquarion EVOL.”
* “The Myth of Ten Thousand Years and Two Thousand More Returns”- A 22 minute featurette that contains cast and crew interviews, footage from the PR event for “Aquarion EVOL,” discussions about the two series, episode clips, and songs.
* Commentary on episode 9 by Christopher Bevins, Alexis Tipton and Josh Grelle. More of the same.


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