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My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series DVD Review

My Favorite Martian- The Complete Series DVD

Ray Walston carries the classic sitcom “My Favorite Martian.”

In the complete series set of the 1963 sitcom “My Favorite Martian,” viewers get all 107 episodes from the show’s 3 seasons. For those that don’t know, the series revolves around a newspaper reporter (Tim O’Hara) who meets a humanoid Martian Anthropology Professor that crashlanded on Earth. Unable to get home until his ship is repaired, the Martian stays with Tim and goes undercover as Tim’s Uncle Martin. To recap all 107 episodes would be an exhausting experience for both you and me, but I can say that there are plots involving romance, the Martian’s numerous powers, time travel, Tim getting mind control powers, the Martian’s ship, Martin getting ill, Martin helping people (and animals), the landlady (Mrs. Brown), Tim’s reporting work, Martin’s technology, Martin’s technology creating chaos, vitamins and pills, Tim’s family, and Detective Brennan.

Like any old school sitcom, “My Favorite Martian” adheres to a certain formula which sadly limits the storytelling potential of the series. Instead of thinking outside the box more, the writers tended to lean on elements that were more convenient and budget friendly. As a result, far too many episodes involve archaic foils like the landlady (Mrs. Brown) whose presence drags the show down. The show is at its very best when it embraces the imaginative sci-fi elements and focuses on the Martian himself.

On the subject of the Martian, Ray Walston (who is best known for roles in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High,” “The Apartment,” and “The Sting”) simply steals the show as the witty alien. He plays the character straight and you just buy him in the role from his very first line. Of course, he has a good castmate to play off of in Bill Bixby (who plays the human Tim O’Hara). Together these two manage to even elevate the shaky scripts that don’t exactly hold up.


Presentation: 1.33:1. How does it look? The digitally remastered episodes do not look perfect. The B&W episodes from the first two seasons and the color episodes from season 3 are sometimes fuzzy and littered with dirt specs. With that said, they have been noticeably cleaned up and it does show.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? It does the job, but the DD track can be audibly flat, scratchy, and hissy.

* Original TV sponsor ads.
* 2 photo galleries.
* Vintage Ray Walston Alcoa Aluminum TV commercial.
* “My Favorite Martian” comic strips.
* Soundtrack music album.
* Lost TV pilot of the comedy “The Reluctant Eye” and a TV pilot for “The Man In The Square Suit.”
* Ray Walston’s appearance on the “I’ve Got A Secret” game show.
* Vintage audio and video interviews with Ray Walston.
* Original cast sponsor commercials and billboards.
* A short video about a Spaceship Miniature.
* 7 minutes of cast commercials and bumpers.
* Nearly 5 minutes of Animation and Effects.
* “Let’s Talk To Lucy”- Interviews from Lucille Ball’s radio show with Bill Bixby and Ray Walston.
* “Behind The Scenes Home Movies”- 13 ½ minutes of rare set footage.

Overall Thoughts: Anyone who has a fondness for “My Favorite Martian” shouldn’t hesitate to pick this set up. It was made for you.

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