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Modern Family Season 6 DVD Review

Modern Family Season 6 DVD

The sixth season of “Modern Family” offers up plenty of laughs and characterization.

For those that can’t get enough of the Pritchett-Delgados (Jay, Gloria, Manny, Joe, and Stella), the Dunphy family (Phil, Claire, Haley, Alex and Luke), and the Tucker-Pritchett family (Mitchell, Cameron, and Lily), you’ll be happy to know that the 24 episode sixth season of “Modern Family” has just hit DVD. In the season, viewers can expect to see plots involving Cameron and Mitchell’s honeymoon, Alex looking at colleges, a spreading cold, the Dunphys living in a hotel temporarily, the Dunphy’s new neighbors (one of whom is played by Steve Zahn), Halloween, Haley turning 21 and getting a new job,  Thanksgiving, the Dunphys nearly getting in a near car accident, Mitchell’s legal work,  Valentine’s Day, Manny learning self-defense, the internet, a commercial, Spring Break, Jay’s birthday, Jay temporarily joining an all-gay bowling team to replace Cameron, Gloria preparing for a U.S. citizenship test, Alex graduating high school, and Andy and Haley.

Even though “Modern Family” has become a bit tired over the years, the series has still managed to stay relatively fresh thanks to the talented cast. Yes, the cast members have to sometimes spout overly scripted and forced dialogue, but they always manage to push past any flaws the show has. Just watch Ty Burrell or Sofia Vergara and see how they make their amusing characters their own all while developing extraordinary chemistry with fellow cast members.

On the subject of the characters, the characterization is far and away the highlight of this season. As viewers have followed the series for six years now, you really are seeing this extended family grow and change right before your eyes. This is especially evident with characters like Alex and Haley. It’s almost become a transformative experience much like 2014’s “Boyhood.”


Presentation: 1.78:1. Grade: B+

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. Grade: B+

* Fox trailers.
* “Awesome Halloween”- A behind-the-scenes featurette that contains interviews, set footage, and discussions about the story of the episode.
* “A Modern Thanksgiving”- Much like the above featurette, this one covers the “Three Turkeys” episode.
* “Modern Connections: The Making of an Episode”- A featurette on the “Connection Lost” episode.
* Nearly 3 minutes of deleted scenes.
* An 11 minute gag reel.
* “A Day With Julie”- A video diary with Julie Bowen.


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