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Doctor Who: Deep Time Book Review

Doctor Who- Deep Time Book

“Deep Time” is a satisfactory Twelfth Doctor novel.

Written by Trevor Baxendale, “Deep Time” (not to be confused with the episode “Deep Breath”) is the first part of the Glamour Chronicles trilogy (all of which are due out September 8, 2015).

The story involves a wealthy man (Raymond Balfour) and his hired crew going on an exploratory expedition on board his brand new ship the Alexandria. Their mission? To scope out a wormhole that was allegedly used by an ancient alien race known as the Phaeron. To make matters more interesting, one of the crew members (Marco) is joining the trip to try and discover if there is a link between a missing ship (the Carthage) that contained his mother and the wormhole.

As you might expect, Clara and the Twelfth Doctor manage to join the expedition as well. You see, the Doctor suspects bad things await the crew and he is hoping to protect them. Alas, things spiral out of control once the Alexandria travels through the wormhole and crash lands on a mysterious planet that houses the dangerously alluring glamour (which grants a person whatever he, she, or it desires). How do the wormhole, Carthage, Phaeron, and glamour tie together? Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

After reading the rambling nightmare that was “The Drosten’s Curse,” “Deep Time” was an entirely refreshing “Doctor Who” tale. From page one, Trevor Baxendale’s novel gets straight down to business. He never wastes a word here as is always either advancing the plot or fleshing out characters.

On the subject of the characters, I appreciated the fact that Baxendale makes an effort to make each and every character come to life. Normally, we’d see a crew full of underdeveloped characters that are merely fodder for death in a “Doctor Who” episode or novel, but the author manages to give everyone from Jem the astrogator to the irritating Marco something to do here.

As for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, they are perfectly realized here. Baxendale nails the sarcastic and darker side of the Doctor while accurately depicting Clara as the helpful, emotional, and inquisitive companion whose constant questions help drive the exposition.

Going back to the story, there’s no doubt that “Deep Time” is a real page turner. While the “Interstellar” esque middle half contains a little too many walking and climbing around the planet scenes, the attention grabbing first half and the exciting payoff in the end are worth the journey.

Overall Thoughts: “Deep Time” is worth your time.


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