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The Legend of Hell House Blu-ray

“The Legend of Hell House” is no horror classic.

Based on the classic novel “Hell House” by legendary author Richard Matheson, the 1973 “The Legend of Hell House” is probably not the adaptation some folks were hoping for.

The story involves a physicist, his wife, and 2 mediums exploring the Belasco house (which was formerly owned by a demented man AND is supposedly haunted by spirits). In typical “investigate a haunted house” fashion, the house throws everything at them including, but not limited to, possessions, falling items, exploding items, and even death.

While some film buffs find this to be an effective chiller, others (like myself) find it to be a slice of 70’s cheese. The hokey horror film is riddled with overacting and uninspired direction by John Hough. Hough never takes advantage of the potentially unnerving scenes. Add in the fact that the entire film feels like a “The Haunted” wannabe and there’s really no reason to invest your time with this.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p Grade: B    Audio Track: Mono DTS-HD MA Grade: B

Extras include a theatrical trailer, a photo gallery, radio spots, Shout Factory! film trailers, an audio commentary by actress Pamela Franklin, and a newly shot 28 minute interview with director John Hough.

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