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Dawn Patrol DVD Review

Dawn Patrol DVD

“Dawn Patrol” is like a Jerry Springer episode come to life.

“Dawn Patrol” begins with a mystery woman seeking revenge against an amateur surfer (John). Why? We don’t yet know. John proceeds to tell the woman his story and we flashback to John’s life. We (the audience) discover that his pro surfer brother (Ben) was allegedly killed by a gang member. With him and his entire family in mourning, John seeks revenge against the alleged killer. What happens next I will not say, but you can expect John’s mistakes and decisions to come back and haunt him.

While “Dawn Patrol” attempts to be an emotional story about truth, family, love, mistakes, and revenge, it plays like a trashy soap opera more than anything else. The film is riddled with baffling ideas and moments such as the depiction of John’s parents, the decision to make Ben a selfish jerk who puts himself in constant danger, the weird beach bum community, the constant slow mo music montages, the idiotic on screen character actions (of which there are many), and the cornball dialogue (some of which seems to come out of left field).

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that the entire cast is wasted. There’s a lot of actors that we know are capable of great work here including Kim Matula, Rita Wilson, Jeff Fahey, and Scott Eastwood (son of Clint Eastwood). It should be said though that Scott Eastwood (who you are about to see more of soon in “Snowden” and “Suicide Squad”) is a bit shaky in certain dramatic parts in this particular film. Still, he does the best he can with the absurd material.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The California shooting locations are undoubtedly the best thing about the entire film and they look superb even on DVD.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This track is not going to wow you, but it’s adequate.

The only extras are Alchemy trailers.


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