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Infected DVD Review

Infected DVD

“Infected” is a glorified student film.

The story: As a virus sweeps across England, people begin to die and turn into zombies. Amidst this chaos, a group of uninfected students and army soldiers band together to try to survive and fight the zombie forces.

Given the success of zombie centric hits like “The Walking Dead,” it’s not surprising to see filmmakers capitalize on the zombie craze. “Infected” (AKA “The Dead Inside”) is one of those films to cash-in on the zombie bandwagon.

What is this obscure movie, you ask? It’s an ultra low budget British indie horror film that looks like an amateur film you’d see on YouTube. It’s also largely repetitive. For the vast majority of the ridiculously long 2 hour runtime, characters hide out at a school, whine about food shortages, squabble amongst themselves, run from zombies, die from zombie attacks, and that’s about it. It’s an uninspired film that merely tries to coast on having zombies. If the zombies were actually menacing that would be one thing, but these “zombies” are just people dubbed with cheesy sound f/x and bad make-up.

The greatest detriment to “Infected” is the characters though. I couldn’t tell you the name of a single character because no one made an impression. There is not a single connection to be formed with any character here as they are either designed to be zombie food or someone to fill a clichéd role.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? Between barely lit scenes and constant shaky cam footage, this movie simply does not look good.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? It sounds better than it looks, but there are moments of barely audible dialogue.

The only extras are Image Entertainment trailers.

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