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My Dad’s A Soccer Mom DVD Review

My Dad's A Soccer Mom DVD

“My Dad’s A Soccer Mom” is deeply corny, but watchable.

A selfish, boastful football player (Marion “Mad Dog” Casey) gets a wake up call when his contract is not renewed after an abysmal season. Since he is out of work in the off-season and his wife wants to work an interior design job now, Marion has to help out around the house and take care of his daughter Lacy. At first, the irresponsible Marion struggles in his duties, but little by little, he becomes a better father and even helps his daughter find happiness. As Marion begins to connect more with his daughter, however, his wife feels jealous and left out.

Despite being a formulaic family comedy with inspirational messages, “My Dad’s A Soccer Mom” is somehow still entertaining. Is it a great TV movie? Absolutely not. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but for what it is, it still has heart and even offers up a few chuckles along the way. In other words, it’s a harmless movie for the family.

Of course, much of the UP TV film’s success is due to personable star Lester Speight. The former football player and wrestler turned actor has a history of grabbing attention. This is especially evident even in the “Gears of War” video game franchise as the hilarious fan favorite character Augustus Cole. In ‘Soccer,’ he unsurprisingly steals every frame he is in. He truly makes the movie better than it really is.

Note: NFL should keep their eyes open for a cameo by Terrell Owens.


Presentation: 16:9. How does it look? While not the flashiest looking movie, the DVD transfer is solid.

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround. How does it sound? A bland track, but adequate enough.

The only extras are trailers for Alchemy titles.

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