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Blindsided DVD Review

Blindsided DVD

“Blindsided” is an uninspired thriller.

“Blindsided” begins with a photojournalist (Sara) in Iraq. While on the job, she becomes blinded after a horrific encounter with a suicide bomber. The story jumps ahead in time to a now blind Sara prepping a New Year’s Eve party with her boyfriend (Ryan) in a penthouse apartment. When Sara returns home from getting party supplies, she discovers that Ryan is dead and that the killer (Chad) is in the house. While trying to escape, the problem worsens when she encounters another criminal named Hollander. What is that Hollander and Chad are after? Is it somehow connected to Ryan’s past? Will Sara make it out alive?

You know when you watch a film and discover that nothing is clicking for you? That’s what watching “Blinsided” (AKA “Penthouse North”) is like. The routine thriller (which plays like a “Wait Until Dark” rip-off) is entirely too convenient and offers little in the way of surprises. Had the movie had more developed characters, it might have been more engaging, but as is, you can’t help but feel like this film is so far beneath the the talents of Michael Keaton and Michelle Monaghan (great actors both). It doesn’t help that it somehow stretches out a 20 minute premise into an 85 minute film.

One of the film’s other major drawbacks are the cheap production values. Between the cringe worthy green screen work and the phony penthouse set, it often looks like you are watching a sequel to “The Room.”


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Visually, this is a bland looking film, but the transfer is solid.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? While not the most lively track, it’s still adequate.

The only extras are a couple of trailers for other films.


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