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The Immigrant Blu-ray Review

The Immigrant Blu-ray

“The Immigrant” deserves more attention.

Set in 1921, “The Immigrant” begins with Polish sisters (Ewa and Magda) arriving on Ellis Island. The sisters hope to get a fresh new start, but their American dream is quickly shattered. Not only is Magda quarantined for tuberculosis, but Ewa herself is set to be deported. Before Ewa is sent back home, a mysterious man (Bruno) saves her. She soon learns that he is no hero, however, when she learns Bruno exploits immigrant women for his illegal business practices. Unhappy with where she is at, Ewa essentially has to degrade herself in order to try and save her sister. While all of this is going on, Bruno becomes infatuated with Ewa as does his kind hearted cousin (Orlando the Magician).

While the story is a simplistic tale of survival, fresh starts, the American dream, and morals, “The Immigrant” still manages to be an engrossing period piece drama that boasts high production values (the costumes in particular) and deep characterization.

Of course, much of the film’s appeal comes from the fact that the film is an acting tour-de-force. That shouldn’t be remotely surprising to anyone given the level of talent here (Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner). Looking back at 2014, Cotillard had one heck of a year with the US release of “The Immigrant” and her Oscar nominated performance in “Two Days, One Night.” She continues to surprise moviegoers with her acting range and wide array of film projects. Phoenix (who can really do no wrong) is excellent as always as the shady Bruno. As for Renner, he can be hit-and-miss for me personally, but he manages to be likable here in a small, but important supporting role.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? “The Immigrant” is generally a darkly lit film, but the transfer knocks it out of the park.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? From the great score to the dialogue, this is a sharp track.

* The Weinstein Company trailers and “The Immigrant” trailer.
* “The Visual Inspiration of The Immigrant”- A featurette about photographs that inspired the film.
* Commentary by writer/director James Gray.

Overall Thoughts: I have no idea how “The Immigrant” flew under the radar because it’s quite simply a GOOD movie. Recommended.


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