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Assassin’s Game DVD Review

Assassin's Game DVD

Game over.

Crime boss El Viejo hires 3 assassins to take out a target (Isabella) who is being protected by a bodyguard. The two manage to get away after the assassination attempt leaving El Viejo extremely pissed off. In response, the hardass boss decides to bring back a retired assassin (Vet). While initially not interested, Vet decides to take the job to save the lives of the 3 assassins (one of which is his son). As Vet takes on the job, however, it’s clear he has plans of his own. What is Vet up to? Why does El Viejo want Isabella dead?

At 83 minutes, “Assassin’s Game” feels entirely too long given how little actually happens in this low budget action film. While the above plot synopsis may sound enticing on paper, the film is riddled with slow motion time stretches, idiotic dialogue, dumb paper thin characters, boring gun fights, CGI bullets, and more scenes of people running around with guns in hand than you ever care to see. Truth be told, this film feels like it was made on the fly 90% of the time.

Clearly, the film was trying to coast on the star power alone, but that strategy did not work. At all. Bai Ling is hardly in the film at all, Vivica A. Fox just stands around, and stunt man/fight choreographer Mark Mikita has zero personality. Only Tom Sizemore as El Viejo makes an impression, but he mostly just reads, plays with a gun and sits in a  chair.


Presentation: 1.85:1. How does it look? In a word, cheap. With that said, it’s a solid enough transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This is a poor track primarily due to the poor audio quality. Lots of dialogue and sound recordings contain rustling and tinny dialogue deliveries.

The only extras here are Lionsgate trailers, 10 minutes of deleted scenes, an “Assassin’s Game” trailer, and a digital copy.

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