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Audrey And Bill Book Review

Audrey and Bill Book

“Audrey and Bill” is a fascinating read.

It is well publicized that Audrey Hepburn was married twice, but what you may not know is that she was once in love with actor William Holden. In Edward Z. Epstein’s biography “Audrey and Bill” (AKA “Audrey And Bill: A Romantic Biography of Audrey Hepburn and William Holden”) the romance of these two stars is explored, but the hardcover book is about much more than just that

The story of “Audrey and Bill” essentially begins with the two meeting on the set of “Sabrina.” During this time period, Holden was already married to Ardis Ankerson and had children with his then wife, but that didn’t stop the actor from becoming infatuated with Hepburn. As the romance/affair began to blossom, Hepburn expressed a desire to have children. What she didn’t know initially is that Holden had a vasectomy leaving him incapable of having children. Once Hepburn learned of this bombshell news, the  affair ended. The book could have ended there, but this all-encompassing biography digs into the actors lives and filmographies. Among the stories recounted here are Holden’s drinking problems, Hepburn and Holden reuniting on screen in “Paris When It Sizzles,” Hepburn’s marriage and divorce to Mel Ferrer, Holden holding out hope to win her back, Holden’s fling with Grace Kelly, Oscar ceremony stories, tragedies in Holden’s life, Audrey’s marriage to Andrea Dotti, Audrey’s children, Holden’s other loves, Holden’s death in 1981, Audrey’s UNICEF work, and Audrey’s passing in 1993. Also included here are 32 pages of B&W and color photographs. The photos range from private pictures, set pictures, and publicity pics.

When it comes to motion picture history, few actors are as captivating (or as good) as Audrey Hepburn and William Holden so it should come as no surprise that this book is engaging from start to finish. In some ways, this novel feels like a sweeping cinematic romantic drama that is infinitely more heartfelt than the movie the actors met on (“Sabrina”). On top of all of that, “Audrey and Bill” dishes out so many juicy behind-the-scenes stories of film productions, romances, and the lives of Hollywood’s elite that it almost feels like you’re reading something you shouldn’t be as it is so private and inside.

Perhaps the most surprising element of the book is that it feels like you are getting an overall glimpse of two lives flashing before your eyes. There’s something very bittersweet and tragic about the entire book as you know these two Hollywood legends are no longer with us. In some respects, the book makes life seem so short as author Edward Z. Epstein manage to encapsulate so much of their lives into a rather short length. Maybe that’s the point?

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