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Power Season 1 Blu-ray Review

Power Season 1 Blu-ray

“Power” never quite lives up to its potential.

In the inaugural season of the 50 Cent produced Starz crime drama “Power,” viewers are plunged into the world of James St. Patrick (AKA Ghost). Ghost is married with children, has a swank home, and is the proud owner of a hot new New York nightclub called Truth. Oh, and he also uses Truth as a front for a drug business.

Throughout the season’s 8 episodes, there are stories about Ghost and his wife Tasha’s marital problems, parties at Truth, gang activity, Ghost’s business partner Tommy, an assassin, Ghost’s mentor of sorts (Kanan), Tommy’s romance, Ghost’s empire, and Ghost having an affair with a former crush of his named Angela (whose secret Government works greatly threatens Ghost)

While perfectly watchable, “Power” is a crime drama/gangster story that feels all too familiar. Granted, everyone borrows from everyone in this day and age, but the show’s themes have been explored in past films/shows and we’ve seen a lead character wanting to go legit while being involved illegal criminal activity.

Lack of originality aside, there are also a number of frustrating aspects that detract from the viewing experience. While others may like the drama of these elements, the series would benefit without the plot holes (namely Ghost and Angela not really knowing each other and Ghost continuing his drug business despite having already accomplished everything he has wanted to), the marital problems, and the lack of characterization for the supporting characters. Also, it feels like the subplots limited the amount of stories that could be told in season one. With that said, the season finale does offer up some potentially interesting moments for the follow-up season.

On the plus side, star Omari Hardwick really shines as Ghost. Not only does he carry the series on his back, but he does an excellent job of making this complex character come to life.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? This set boasts a glossy hi-def transfer for each and every episode.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? A bit quiet, but it does the job.

The only extras here are 4 short featurettes about the series story (“The New Series”), the music (“The Music of Power”), the costumes (“The Style of Power”), and New York City setting (“NYC- The City of Power”).

Overall Thoughts: I’m not sure I can fully recommend “Power,” but I think many viewers will enjoy binge watching this series. If you are a fan, season 2 drops June 6 on Starz.

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