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Always Woodstock DVD Review

Always Woodstock DVD

“Always Woodstock” is a romantic comedy at its worst.

Catherine’s life is falling apart. Not only is she struggling to make it as a folk singer/songwriter, but she was fired from her job and found her weirdo actor fiancé cheating on her. Not knowing what to do next, Catherine decides to move back to her childhood home in Woodstock, New York. Upon arrival, Catherine doesn’t initially make the best of impressions, but she finds herself falling for a Doctor (Noah) and receiving help from a fellow musician. The sky is the limit for Catherine, but first, she has to figure out what she wants.

“Always Woodstock” is one of those films that attempts to be charming and romantic, but fails in every way imaginable. It’s an entirely phony and forced story that doesn’t feel believable for a single second. Whether you’re witnessing the insta-romance between Noah and Catherine, the horrifically cheesy driving scenes, the awkward humor or the flat live music performances, nothing feels remotely authentic in this movie.

Now, if you think the cast members are at fault here, you’d be mistaken. The blame for the film’s numerous shortcomings should fall squarely on the shoulders of writer/director Rita Merson. While she’s clearly trying to create a touching story about finding yourself, she simply tries way too hard to do so. As a result, the severely unoriginal film merely feels like a collection of age old clichés and ideas.


Presentation: 1.85:1. How does it look? Visually, this is a cheap looking indie, but the standard definition transfer does the best it can here.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The music and dialogue are crisp.

The only extras are trailers for other Anchor Bay/Gravitas Ventures films.


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