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K- The Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

K- The Complete Series Blu-ray

“K” is a muddled anime series.

Set in a futuristic Japanese society where there are seven clans of color (with seven Kings) engaging in a psychic war, “K” revolves around a happy go lucky student (Yashiro) who attends Ashinaka High School. One day, Yashiro finds his life is completely turned upside down when he is mistaken for the Colorless King (who murdered the 7th King). Now, the Kings are after Yashiro for his alleged crime. Even though Yashiro claims he is innocent, a video shows him killing the King. Is Yashiro innocent or did he lose his memory? Is Yashiro a successor to the throne? Is he destined become evil? These are the questions that are explored.

Aside from the main storyline, there are other pivotal plots involving the Homra group (which is ruled by the red King Mikoto), the Scepter 4 group (which is ruled by the blue King Reisi), the Silver King (Adolf), an evil White Spirit Fox, Yashiro’s cat Neko, the character of Kuroh, and a mission from the late King Ichigen Miwa to track down and kill the Colorlss King.

Throughout the show’s 13 episodes, only one element is consistent- the animation by GoHands. The company not only manages to create a fully realized world from a visual perspective, but they also craft highly detailed buildings, exquisite lighting, unique locations, and so forth. Unfortunately, the visuals are far more interesting than the show itself.

From start to finish, “K” is a clunky series that is hard to invest in. The characters are irritating (especially Reisi and Mikoto who are constantly at each other’s throats), the dramatic beats are awkward, the jazzy music is out of place, the plots are cluttered, the exposition is lousy, the King mythos are a downright mess, and the overall story arc is essentially one big manhunt. Simply put, there are far better anime series out there to pour over for countless hours than this.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? The dazzling hi-def transfer does GoHands animation justice. Just look at the colorful landscapes for reference.

Audio Tracks: English and Japanese 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How do the tracks sound? The English track is serviceable while the Japanese track is clearly the best choice of the two.


* An 80 page art booklet which features an episode guide, character profiles, poster art, song lyrics artwork, a cosplayer profile, and show credits.

* Clean opening and endings.

* 3 “K” trailers and next episode previews.

* Neon Alley, “Lagrange,” “Zetman,” “Accel World,” and “Coppelion” trailers.

* A group interview with English cast members Patrick Seitz, Stephanie Sheh, Matthew Mercer, Keith Silverstein, Charlene Ingram, and Joshua Lopez. The group chats about “K,” auditions, favorite moments from the show, a convention, fans, etc.

* An interview with Japanese cosplayer Kaname and a photo gallery of him as well.

* “K Events- US Convention Highlights”- Footage from the Anime Expo which contains cosplay and fan interviews.

* “K-Day Panel With Staff And Cast”- The “K” Q&A panel from Anime Expo 2013 that features Kaname, Johnny Yong Bosch, Patrick Seitz, Stephanie Sheh, Matthew Mercer, Keith Silverstein, Charlene Ingram, and Joshua Lopez. There’s also an amusing video message from Sam-Riegel.

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