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Everly Blu-ray Review

Everly Blu-ray

“Everly” is a mindless action film.

The plot: After being forced into prostitution for the warped crime lord Taiko, Everly tries to get out of being a slave by working with the police to try and bring down Taiko’s empire. Unfortunately, Everly is caught working with the police and, as a result, gets a bounty on her head. Now, everyone is coming after her be it killers, torturers or other prostitutes. Can Everly survive the barrage of bullets? Can she protect her visiting mother and daughter whom she had been separated from?

What could have been a fun, bad-ass, female empowerment Grindhouse action film is instead a mind numbingly sick, unpleasant, repetitive and relentlessly violent action flick. Aside from a few scenes, the entirety of “Everly” finds Everly trying to protect herself, her mother and daughter in an apartment amidst an onslaught over-the-top attacks. It’s a veritable bloodbath of a movie that doesn’t amount to much.

In fact, the only thing remotely redeeming about “Everly” is star Salma Hayek. Despite what one may think about the film or its content, there’s no denying that the veteran actress commits to the role. Not only are her action scenes convincing, but she gives the film what little heart it has.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? If you’re seeking violent mayhem in glorious 1080p, you will get just that here.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Between the constant gunfire and action, this DTS track is both loud and lively.

* Trailers for Radius, Anchor Bay, and The Weinstein Company titles.
* A music video for Raya Yarbrough and Bear McCreary’s “Silent Night.”
* A creative commentary by Joe Lynch, Brett Hedblom and Evan Schiff. A technical commentary by Joe Lynch and Steve Gainer. The creative track is very enthusiastic and features tons of behind the stories. Truth be told, it’s far more entertaining than the movie. The technical track is equally laidback and engaging.

Overall Thoughts: After last year’s disastrous “Knights of Badassdom” and now “Everly,” Joe Lynch has the extreme dishonor of having directed two of the worst films of the past two years.


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