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Murdoch Mysteries Season 6 DVD Review

Murdoch Mysteries Season 6 DVD

To put it nicely, “Murdoch Mysteries” is a clunky procedural.

In the 13 episode sixth season of the Canadian police procedural series “Murdoch Mysteries” (AKA “The Artful Detective), the story revolves around the dashing and intelligent Detective William Murdoch in 20th Century Toronto. The stories/cases in this season involve Winston Churchill, a murderer who claims to be Sherlock Holmes, an airplane crash, an alleged serial killer, a murder at a nudist colony, toxic gas, a politician’s death by an alleged ghost, a murdered department store manager and pawnbroker, a drowned college educated women, a woman accused of stabbing her fiancé, the villainous James Gillies, and Murdoch’s friend and former girlfriend Dr. Julia Ogden being accused of the murder of her own husband. Naturally, the supporting characters (such as Inspector Brackenreid, Constable Crabtree, and Chief Constable Giles) have their own storylines in various episodes.

“Murdoch Mysteries,” which is based on the books by Maureen Jennings, is one of those shows whose popularity is just baffling. While I understand there is a large fanbase for these by the numbers procedurals, this one just feels like as if it is trying to capitalize on the success of other British and American hits. The show tries so hard to be clever with its numerous historical references and its exploration of the evolution of forensic science in this time period, but nothing here is remotely convincing. The mysteries are cliched, the acting is amateur, there is no chemistry in Julia and Murdoch’s relationship, the dramatic beats are are awkward, the music is corny, the sets are cheap, and there are some truly atrocious supporting players like Matthew MacFadzean as Constable Crabtree.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Perfectly acceptable for a DVD transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? It does the job. Just don’t expect greatness.

The only extras are Acorn trailers.


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