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Digging Up The Marrow Blu-ray Review

Digging Up The Marrow Blu-ray

“Digging Up The Marrow” never lives up to its potential.

Having directed acclaimed horror films such as “Hatchet” and “Frozen,” writer/director/ArieScope Entertainment owner Adam Green steps in front of the camera to play himself in this meta film about monsters.

The basic story involves Green being contacted by an alleged retired police detective (William Dekker) who claims that monsters exist and that they live in an underground world known as the Marrow. Wanting to know if he is a kook or if he’s really telling the truth, lifelong monster fan Adam Green and his camera man/production company partner (Will Barratt) decide to investigate and document Dekker. As Green and Barratt begin to talk more with the mysterious Dekker and venture out on trips with him, the two begin to believe that maybe Dekker is telling the truth after all.

On paper, the “Nightbreed” esque “Digging Up The Marrow” sounds really promising as it’s not everyday you see a horror film that is part found footage spoof and part faux documentary. Unfortunately, aside from a few exciting monster shots, the execution leaves much to be desired. The root of the problem is with Adam Green himself. As we all know, he’s a very capable director, but he’s not much of an actor. Seeing him mugging the camera, bickering, bumbling lines, and shamelessly self promoting himself and his work is extremely off-putting. Yes, he may be playing to his fanbase, but even as an in joke it comes off as cloying.

Thankfully, the always reliable Ray Wise manages to make the movie watchable. Wise plays the eccentric William Dekker straight and he even brings a surprising amount of depth to the character. To say Wise is the best part of the entire film is an understatement.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? I have no complaints with this transfer. Heck, even the night vision looks good!

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD. How does it sound? The music, dialogue, and sound f/x are as sharp as can be.

* Image Entertainment trailers and a “Digging Up The Marrow” trailer.
* A half hour of deleted/extended scenes with intros by Adam Green.
* “Monsters Of The Marrow”- Adam Green talks about Alex Pardee’s art and zine that inspired the film, fan mail, the creature effects, and the individual monsters themselves.
* A fun commentary by Ray Wise, Adam Green, Alex Pardee and Will Barratt that is more enjoyable than the actual film. Expect lots of informative behind-the-scenes stories, discussions about how the project came about and much more.

Overall Thoughts: There’s a good film somewhere in here, but as is, it’s a largely uneventful and clunky piece of cinema.

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