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Nurse Jackie Season 6 DVD Review

Nurse Jackie Season 6 DVD

“Nurse Jackie” is showing signs of wear.

In the 12 episode season 6, the once clean All Saints Hospital nurse/divorced mother of two daughters Jackie Peyton has relapsed and is back to being addicted to drugs again. Her daughter Grace isn’t faring any better as she is snorting Adderall and shoplifting. Aside from Jackie’s self destructive behavior and lies, viewers can expect to see other pivotal stories about Jackie’s boyfriend NYPD officer Frank, a DEA investigation, Jackie’s ex-husband’s wedding, a pregnancy, Jackie’s AA sponsor Antoinette, Zoey and Dr. Prentiss’s relationship, and various other subplots involving supporting characters such as Zoey, Coop, Carrie, Dr. Roman, and Akalitus.

Early on its run, “Nurse Jackie” was a critically acclaimed quirky Showtime medical dramedy that boasted award worthy performances by star Edie Falco. Nowadays, however, some of that enthusiasm seems to have waned as the already limited story is starting to go around in circles. It was abundantly clear that things were not going to go well for the titular character and that is certainly apparent here in the penultimate season. There’s only so many storylines about family and career issues and drug addiction one can tell so perhaps it’s for the best that the upcoming season 7 is set to be the last.

Even though this medical series is far from flawless, “Nurse Jackie” still deserves some respect for being different from the norm. Sure, the series reaches for stories at times, but it’s always involving thanks to the large cast of characters. Of course, a lot of that appeal is due to Edie Falco. She may always be best known for Carmela Soprano, but this rich character is undoubtedly high on her list of credits too.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? This is a sharp standard definition transfer. Note: A Blu-ray edition is also available.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? CLEAR. Yes, that was a defibrillator pun.

* Digital copy.
* Lionsgate trailers.
* Commentary on “Sink Or Swim” and “Flight” by Anna Deavere Smith, Clyde Phillips and Tom Straw.
* Informative but sometimes quiet commentaries on “Super Greens” and “Sisterhood” by Edie Falco, Richie Jackson and Liz Flahive that covers the opening credits, production stories, character arcs, etc.
* 12 deleted scenes.
* “Growing Up Peyton”- A featurette about the Grace character.
* “Deceit, Descent, Destruction: Jackie’s Fall”- A self-explantory featurette on Jackie.


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