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The Wonder Years Season 2 DVD Review

The Wonder Years Season 2 DVD

The second season of “The Wonder Years” hits DVD. What more needs to be said?

Can’t get enough of Jack, Kevin, Norma, Karen, and Wayne Arnold? Well, you’re in luck as the 17 episode second season finally hits DVD. In this particular season, expect to see stories about Winnie dating Kirk, Kevin having a crush on his English teacher, Christmas, a color TV, Kevin becoming jealous of Winnie, Kevin asking Becky out, Norma wanting more independence, piano lessons, Wayne causing more trouble, P.E. class, a peace protest, Winnie and Kevin’s friendship, Paul’s Bar Mitzvah, Karen skipping school, a square dance, a woodsy hangout on the cusp of being torn down and summer vacation.

Look, I can shoot the breeze all day about how wonderful this coming-of-age TV series, but I’ll spare you the ramblings. I will say, however, that if you’ve never watched this ode to 60’s suburban families (or any suburban families really), you owe it to yourself to watch this incredible dramedy. Not only is it a bonafide classic TV series about childhood, but it explores so many timeless themes and subjects about fears, crushes, love, jealousy, confusion, regret, bullying, family bonding, change, nostalgia, popularity and, yes, even peace.

As endearing as “The Wonder Years,” the season may have some drawbacks for people. First and foremost, the on and off again romance between Winnie and Kevin really got old and it was a problem that plagued the series entire run. Sure, it is interesting and integral to the series, but it was extremely overplayed and sometimes very frustrating in how it unfolded.

Another issue some fans may have is the fact that Kevin was rather rude and insensitive this season. When it comes to the “Square Dance” episode and his interactions with Becky, Kevin really is kind of a jackass. Personally, however, I found that honest portrayal of a teenager rather refreshing. We’ve all been been selfish and acted foolish at one point or another for various reasons and I believe the writers were trying to show just that Kevin is human and does mistakes.


Presentation: Fullscreen. How does it look? It looks like it did on TV because it sadly has not been remastered. Still, it’s a miracle this show has been released at all.

Unspecified Audio Track. How does it sound? Background hiss is rather noticeable while the dialogue and music are clear, but a bit flat.

* A booklet featuring an intro by Fred Savage, a season 2 episode guide, trivia, pictures, and credits.
* Interviews with Daniel Stern, Dan Lauria, and Alley Mills.
* “School Days”- A nearly 8 minute roundtable chat with Danica McKellar, Fred Savage and Josh Saviano. The three recall the sets, real school, production memories, and more.
* “The Times They Are A-Changin’: The Era”- A 28 minute featurette about the 60’s era.

Overall Thoughts: While not as good as the first season, the second season of “The Wonder Years” is still must see TV.

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