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Gangsta Volumes 3 And 4 Manga Reviews

Gangsta Volume 3 Manga Gangsta Volume 4 Manga

The third volume of “Gangsta” is a significant improvement over the first two while the fourth volume falls flat.In the third volume of “Gangsta,” writer/artist Kohske gives readers MUCH needed exposition on Twilights and, more importantly, the main characters of Nic and Worick. In fact, a pivotal part of this volume includes backstory involving Nick’s rough upbringing as a Twilight stray/bodyguard for a young Wallace Arcangelo/Worick (who is the son of a abusive crime lord father). Meanwhile, in the present, we learn that Twilights are being targeted. By whom or what remains to be seen at this past.

In the fourth volume, there are multiple subplots being juggled (many of which are minor). Expect to see stories about Alex searching for her brother, Constance and her grandmother, Nick and Worick on handymen business, Nick and Worick attending a party thrown by Cristiano, and killer hunter kids (Mikhail and Erica) who crash the party.

After two uneven volumes, the third volume delivers exactly what I was looking for from this story- characterization and more information about the Twilights. Not only do we learn more about our lead characters (and their “friendship”), but we finally get filled in on what exactly the Twilights are. This information really goes a long way in getting a feel for the universe Kohske is trying to create. Unfortunately, all of that intrigue goes out the window in the fourth volume.

While the third volume was filled with involving character centric material, the fourth volume is almost all bloody action. And I mean bloody (we’re talking a massacre here). Sure, we get some interesting tidbits about Alex’s past and the mysterious psycho kids Mikhail and Erica (I won’t spoil what they do or who they are working for), but they are overshadowed by pages upon pages of violence. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some action, but not at the expense of story.

Overall Thoughts: “Gangsta” continues to be a dark, promising, but wildly uneven supernatural mafia story. It’s worth checking out, but don’t be surprised if you wind up being a bit frustrated by the flow of the story.


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