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The Art Of Princess Mononoke Book Review

The Art of Princess Mononoke Book

“The Art of Princess Mononoke” may very well be the best of the “The Art of” Studio Ghibli books.

“The Art of Princess Mononoke” hardcover book begins with 8 pages of poems followed by an intro by Hayao Miyazaki in which he discusses the story and themes. After that, readers enter the art potion of the book which is devoted to storyboards, concept sketches/art, background art, cel art, CG images, character sketches, scene and sequence depictions, and locations. Essentially, you get the flow and beats of the film here.

At the 167 page mark, there’s an entire chapter devoted to CG animation that features quotes from staff members about mapping, morphing, multilayer compositing, digital ink and paint.

On page 176, your eyeballs will be treated to a hand drawn Miyazaki layout collection that contains layouts for the film’s climax.

Finally, the book ends with the whopping 3 year production diary from the Studio Ghibli website. This section proves to be the most revealing and fascinating as it touches on Miyazaki’s acupuncture treatment, production issues, test rushes, and much more.

Much like the previous “Art of” Studio Ghibli titles, this book gives you a greater understanding of the enormous amount of work that went into the production of the epic “Princess Mononoke” (which is considered by many to be Miyazaki’s masterwork). For animation lovers, it’s especially rewarding to learn about the animation techniques that were used at the time in 1997

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the book is that it is different in structure to the other Art books as it contained new elements like the layout and production diary sections. These proved to be welcomed additions as they gave the book much more depth and content.

Overall Thoughts: “The Art of Princess Mononoke” is well worth picking up as are all of the ‘Art of’ Studio Ghibli titles released under the Viz Media banner.

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