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My Love Story!! Volume 3 Manga Review

My Love Story!! Volume 3 Manga

The third volume of “My Love Story!!” is on par with the first two volumes.

In the third volume of Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” manga series, Takeo and Rinko’s relationship takes center stage once again. This time around, the stories involve a beach trip with friends, a re-do of Rinko’s birthday (since it didn’t go as planned), Makato’s birthday, Takeo helping people (again), Takeo’s parents, Rinko getting a bit jealous of seeing Takeo bumping into a girl he once had feelings for, and Takeo trying desperately to get his grades up so he can attend the same college as Rinko in the not too distant future.

If you’ve read the first two volumes, it should be of no surprise that volume three is more of the same. The story is very much about the relationship between the strongman with a heart of gold (Takeo) and his adoring girlfriend (Rinko) and not much else. Sure, there are key subplots involving Takeo’s friend Makato, but overall, this is a story about the ups and downs of inexperienced young lovers.

While the central characters are charming and pleasant, the story seems to be lacking that extra something. If this is merely going to be a romantic tale, that’s fine, but the plot should move forward a tad bit. Kawahara seems to be coasting by on the same old stuff volume after volume which is bound to become tiresome for some readers.

As far as Aruko’s art goes, this volume seems noticeably busier as there is more in the way of action. It’s always nice to see the artist have more to do instead of relying on close-ups and goofy exaggerations.

Note: There’s a 3 page bonus story at the back of the manga.

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