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Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire Volume 2 Manga Review

Resident Evil- The Marhawa Desire Volume 2 Manga

“Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire” continues to intrigue in the second volume.

After a 4 color page teaser and a brief re-cap of volume 1, volume 2 begins with Professor Wright, Ricky, security guard Kapoor, and Ray (a teacher) investigating the underground control room of the private Marhawa Academy. Since this is a “Resident Evil” story, you can safely assume that this investigation will be dangerous, bloody, and perhaps deathly for some. While all of this is going on, B.S.A.A. members Chris Redfield, Piers Nivens, and Merah Biji continue their search for Professor Wright. Later on in the manga, a pivotal subplot involving a former Marhawa Academy student (Nanan) begins to surface which may or not shed some light on what exactly is going on.

In the second volume of this “Resident Evil 6” prequel manga series, writer/artist Naoki Serizawa continues to excite readers by offering up plenty of vivid zombie action and tantalizing mysteries (namely the Nanan and hooded woman plotlines). Even though the plot may not move forward all that much here, pieces of the puzzle are certainly starting to come together. In fact, the events that transpire near the end of this volume will likely have you aching for the upcoming third volume.

The only real downside to ‘Marhawa’ so far is that the manga could use a bit more characterization. As of right now, the lead characters are a bit flat, but we do get some interesting tidbits about characters such as Kapoor and the ever puzzling Headmistress Garcia here.

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