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Open Windows Blu-ray Review

Open Windows Blu-ray

“Open Windows” is an inventive thriller that stumbles in the end.

Having won a contest to meet star actress Jill Goddard, a fan named Nick patiently awaits his meeting while holed up in a hotel. Unfortunately, Nick soon learns that he will not be meeting Jill after receiving a call from a man named Chord. As compensation, Chord sends him a hacked link in which he is able to spy on her. While initially intrigued by this, Nick soon finds that this Chord fellow is an extremely shady person who is playing a dangerous game with both Nick and Jill’s lives.

In the first 45 minutes or so of “Open Windows,” the film is an unpredictable, intense, high concept, thrill ride about cyber stalking, hackers, voyeurism, and kidnapping. Director Nacho Vigalondo’s (best known for the mind bending “Time Crimes”) innovative style of the film (which is comprised of footage from security cameras and computer screens) only adds to the appeal. Alas, the story eventually crashes and burns with ridiculous hacking subplots and an absurd ending. Even though the story does get out of hand, however, the fresh plot twists and relentless pacing still manage to make it all worth watching.

As for the cast (namely Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood), they do a serviceable job here. Truth be told, the characters aren’t given a lot of room to work with as they must go with the flow of the fast paced story. The style and story really are the stars of “Open Windows.”


Presentation: Unspecified Widescreen Aspect Ration 1080p. How does it look? While the lighting is a bit dark at times, the visual creative style looks sharp in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Adequate, but a little flat.

* “Open Windows” trailer.
* A less than 2 minute visual effects reel.
* “The Making of Open Windows” contains film clips, cast and crew interviews, set footage and discussions about the story, style, and so on.

Overall Thoughts: Flaws aside, “Open Windows” is still worth a rent to be sure.

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