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88 Blu-ray Review

88 Blu-ray

The 88 minute “88” is 88 minutes too long.

“88” begins with Gwen finding herself in a diner not knowing how she got there, why she has a gun, why she has a missing finger, and why she has a hotel key for room 88. Slowly, but surely, she regains some of her memory (which are shown through flashbacks) and meets people that help her figure out what is going on. While not all is revealed initially, Gwen does discover that her boyfriend (Aster) was allegedly killed by a sleazy and ruthless crime lord (Cyrus). Even with the police and Cyrus’s goons on her trail, Gwen hopes to seek revenge against Cyrus (who was also her employer).

In an attempt to distance itself from the hordes of existing violent revenge films, “88” uses a flashy style to stand out. In reality, it’s standing out in a way that I doubt director April Mullen and Karl T. Hirsch were intending. Truth be told, the “flashy” style is entirely detrimental to the overall film. The story, characters, and action are hampered by the irritating edits and sloppy flashback integration. These elements become so distracting and tedious that viewers will likely stop caring what happens in the film around the 30 minute mark.

In what seems to be a trend in review copies as of late, the star (Katharine Isabelle) is once again the highlight of the entire film. Katharine Isabelle (best known for “Ginger Snaps”) is essentially playing two roles and she seems to be having a blast doing so. It’s just a shame the film lets down her down. Not to be forgotten here is Christopher Lloyd (who plays Cyrus) who also delivers a fine performance. As we all know, he has played villains in the past, but it was interesting to see him take on a much darker character than we’re accustomed to seeing him perform.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite how one may feel about the style of the film, this is an above average hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? Everything is brimming with life in the audio department.

The only extras here are Millennium Entertainment trailers, an extensive 37 behind the scenes featurette that is more entertaining than the actual film, and a brief 3 minute making of bonus feature.


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