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Annabelle Blu-ray Review

Annabelle Blu-ray

“Annabelle” is better than the reviews suggest.

In this prequel spin-off of to the surprise horror gem “The Conjuring,” “Annabelle” is the origin story of the creepy doll that was featured at the beginning of the 2013 film. The primary story revolves around a happy married couple (John and Mia). Not only are the two expecting their first child together, but they also live in a cozy suburban home. Unfortunately, their peace is short lived after the two encounter killer cult members led by Annabelle Higgins. Thankfully, John and Mia manage to survive the attack while the cult members perish. The story should end there, but as we all know, it doesn’t. As Annabelle died, she was clutching a prized doll that Mia possessed. Naturally, the doll was initially thrown away after the horrific event, but the doll came back. Is the doll possessed? Is something more sinister haunting them? Why are John, Mia, and their daughter being targeted by this presence? All will be revealed in the end.

Unfairly maligned by my colleagues, “Annabelle” is entertaining horror fare that is better than its poor reviews suggest. Granted, it is not as chilling as “The Conjuring” nor is this freaky doll movie particularly original, but it’s still A LOT better than the majority of the horror dreck that is dumped into cinemas (or on disc). You get what is advertised here which is all you can ask for. If you’re going into this movie expecting anything other than creepy scenes involving dolls and perhaps “something” else, then I don’t know what you are expecting.

Now, I’m not saying this film is without its flaws because it isn’t. The music is extremely overdone and the script contains a plot device that is far too convenient for my taste (One word: Evelyn). Still, these issues do not hamper the film overall.


Presentation: 2.4:1 1080p. How does it look? “Annabelle” is a beautifully shot film. Whether the action takes place in the day or at night,

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This film takes full advantage of sound and it shows in this DTS track.

* Digital HD copy and DVD copy.
* 8 deleted scenes.
* “The Curse of Annabelle”- A 5 ½ minute featurette on the story the film is based on and the film itself. Cast and crew interviews and film clips are also included.
* “Bloody Tears Of Possession”-An extra about certain shots and the direction by John R. Leonetti.
* “Dolls of the Demon”- A featurette about the Annabelle doll.
* “A Demonic Process”- Another featurette.

Overall Thoughts: “Annabelle” isn’t the second coming of horror, but it’s a solid entry. I, for one, am digging “The Conjuring” franchise and hope to see more and more installments in the future.


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