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Martin Clunes’s Wild Life DVD Review

Martin Clune's Wild Life DVD

“Martin Clunes’s Wild Life” is an informative and entertaining series.

In “Martin Clunes’s Wild Life,” the titular veteran British actor (perhaps best known for the “Doc Martin” TV series) hosts and narrates this nature program. Throughout the 6 hour long episodes, the personable actor and animal lover seeks out answers to questions he has that pertain to dog breeds, dog’s wild ancestors, the connection between dog and humans, work horses, animal instincts, manta rays, and endangered lemurs. On top of that, Clunes embarks on a trip to release a lion in the Kora National Park.

Nature documentary series are nothing new to the TV world, but “Martin Clunes’s Wild Life” is different than the average nature show. Sure, one can argue that the show is little more than an excuse for Clunes to have the opportunity to travel the world, but it also feels like a very personal series. His admiration for the animal kingdom is genuine as is his interest in animal life. This is especially evident when he’s enjoying the company of a dingo playing piano or geeking out over a manta ray in a Georgia aquarium.

Content aside, one of the main reasons the show works so well is that it is accessible. The viewers are learning about the history and behavior of animals right alongside Clunes as he ventures to Africa, Australia, Belgium, New Orleans, Tanzania, Cayman Islands, Georgia, Madagascar, and Kenya. He makes it an all inclusive program which makes it more inviting for the audience.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? This is a beautifully shot series that boasts stunning locals from all over the world.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Stereo. How does it sound? The narration, music, and interviewee dialogue all sounded fine to this reviewer.

The only extras include two photo galleries, a viewer’s guide booklet, and Athena title trailers.


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