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At The Devil’s Door Blu-ray Review

At The Devil's Door Blu-ray

“At The Devil’s Door” is worth a watch.

In writer/director Nicholas McCarthy’s follow-up to the unsettling “The Pact,” “At The Devil’s Door” (AKA “Home”) is another film in the horror genre. The story begins with a teen (Hannah) essentially selling her soul to a demon that is in need of a new home/body. The film then jumps ahead in time where we meet a real estate agent (Leigh) and her artist sister (Vera). We learn that Leigh is trying to sell a couple’s house where some strange stuff seems to have gone down. While there, Leigh sees a girl in a red raincoat at the house which is initially thought to be the couple’s runaway daughter (Charlene). When Leigh encounters her again, the audience learns that the girl is, in fact, Hannah (who had died years earlier). To say anything more than this would be venturing in to serious spoiler territory, but, suffice to say, you can expect the demon storyline to be a major part of the second half.

Much like “The Pact,” “At The Devil’s Door” is primarily driven by story and suspense. Even though characterization (and sometimes acting) may suffer as a result, it’s hard to fault writer/director Nicholas McCarthy for his shortcomings since he excels at building suspense and delivering electrifying horror moments. Yes, there is a slow burn style to his films that may not be for everyone, but patient horror fans will find themselves rewarded by the pay offs.

Perhaps the only downside to “At The Devil’s Door” is that the story is a bit too familiar. Ever since “Paranormal Activity” hit theaters, demonic possession films have been released rather frequently. Thankfully though, the film makes up for its familiarity with an unpredictable final half hour that delivers all sorts of thrills, chills, and downright freaky demon activity.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? This creepy flick has a distinct visual style that really shines in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Effective at all the right moments.

* “At The Devil’s Door” and IFC film trailers.
* 6 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Nicholas McCarthy.
* “Speaking of the Devil: The Making of At The Devil’s Door”- A standard making of that contains film clips, cast and crew interviews, discussions about the story’s inspiration, behind-the-scenes footage, etc.
* An engaging solo commentary by Nicholas McCarthy.


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