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The Prince Blu-ray Review

The Prince Blu-ray Review

“The Prince” is a better than your average VOD/Made for DVD action flick.

After learning that his teen daughter (Beth) is allegedly missing, former criminal turned auto mechanic (Paul) recruits a friend of Beth (Angela) to look for her in New Orleans. While in NO, a crime lord (Omar) becomes aware that Paul is in the area and decides to exact revenge against him due to the fact that his family was accidentally killed by Paul (AKA The Prince). Can Paul find his daughter and survive the attempts on his life from Omar and his crew?

“The Prince” is nothing you haven’t seen before. The movie is as predictable and routine as they come, but it’s still a fairly involving tale involving a missing person, the criminal underworld, gunplay, and the age old “past comes back to haunt you” storyline.

Truth be told, the story is nothing more than a showcase for internationally bankable stars like Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, and John Cusack. Patric, who gives the best performance here, shows audiences he can still pull off an action role still. Once again, Bruce Willis walks through another role without seeming to care about anything he is doing. As for John Cusack, his part is little more than a glorified cameo. He plays Paul’s ex-crime partner Sam, but he barely has any screentime. The same goes for Curtis Jackson/50 Cent who only appears in a single sequence.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a professional looking film. A solid transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The dialogue, gunfire, and music come through loud and clear on the speakers.

* Commentary by Jason Patric and Brian A. Miller. The two chat about the script, characters, set experiences, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. Not the most exciting track.
* “Capturing The Prince: Behind The Scenes” contains film clips, cast and crew interviews, set footage, and discussions about the story and characters
* Interviews with Brian A. Miller, Jason Patric, John Cusack, Jessica Lowndes, 50 Cent and Gia Mantegna.
* 6 extended scenes.
* Lionsgate trailers and a trailer for “The Prince.”
* Digital HD copy,

Overall Thoughts: “The Prince” is instantly forgettable, but it’s a heck of a lot better than MANY of the VOD/Made for DVD flicks that come down the pike.

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