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The Damned DVD Review

The Damned DVD

“The Damned” is a routine horror film that will leave you waiting for the credits to roll.

As David and his new fiancé Lauren travel through Colombia with David’s daughter (Jill), her boyfriend (Ramon), and David’s former sister-in-law, they all became stranded at a remote old hotel after a mudslide accident. While at the hotel, the group discovers something very sinister is going on when they find a little girl (Ana Maria) locked up inside the house. After initially believing the hotel owner (Mr. Felipe) is responsible for this horrific act, they soon realize this little girl was locked up for a reason when the chained up girl begins to cause BAD things to happen. What sort of evil dwells inside this girl? That would be spoiling the plot.

Early on in the story, it becomes abundantly clear that “The Damned” wants to be the new “Evil Dead,” but unfortunately, it’s not. Everything about this horror film feels uninspired. It’s as if writer writers Richard D’Ovidio and David Higgins simply recycled elements from superior horror films. As a result of this, the movie offers up little to no suspense or surprises. Really, the only thing “The Damned” has going for it is Colombian locals which the film desperately tries to coast on.

Perhaps the film’s biggest sin is the idiotic characters. Between their inability to process clear warnings from others to their colossally dumb character actions, it’s near impossible to sympathize (or care about) any of the core cast of characters.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? Despite some wonky f/x, the cinematography looks sharp in standard definition. It should be noted that a Blu-ray release is also available.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This DD track does the job.

* IFC Films trailers and a trailer for “The Damned.”
* “Making of” contains behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, film clips, etc.
* “Heaven Help Us Featurette” contains the same elements as the above extra.

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