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My Love Story!! Volume 2 Manga Review

My Love Story!! Volume 2 Manga

“My Love Story!!” continues to be charming fluff.

In volume two of the “My Love Story!!” manga series, the kindhearted lunkhead (Takeo) finds his relationship with Rinko beginning to blossom in the spring season with the help of pretty bot friend/wingman Makato. Aside from that central story, expect to see subplots involving a mixer, Takeo becoming a hero, Takeo joining the Judo team, Rinko’s birthday, and Makato harboring a secret.

While perhaps a tad bit superficial at times, writer Kazune Kawahara’s “My Love Story!!” is still a likable manga series. What the series lacks in plot it more than makes up for in character development. Speaking of which, this second volume does indeed continue to explore the character dynamics of the three main characters (Takeo, Makato and Rinko). Even though some readers may be left wondering how these character story arcs can be stretched into an ongoing series, Kawahara manages to keep the story and plot moving at a brisk pace. By the time the second volume does end, you’ll be left wanting to know more about Takeo’s soon to be born brother, Makato’s family, and whether or not Makato will find his true love.

As far as the art by Aruko goes, it does the job. It may not be as detailed or complex as some manga artwork, but Aruko really focuses on what truly matters in this series- the characters.

Note: Keep your eyes pealed for an interview with the author and artist at the back of this volume.



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