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Gingerclown DVD Review

Gingerclown DVD

“Gingerclown” is as bad as a movie can get.

The plot: A nerdy teen (Sam) is dared by a football jock (Biff) to enter an abandoned amusement park to retrieve something “nice” and “scary” in exchange for a kiss from Biff’s lovely girlfriend Jenny. As Sam enters the amusement park, Jenny decides to come after him as she feels bad for what the jocks have made him do. Shock of all shocks, the two immediately regret their decision as they encounter vile creatures, dangerous rides and attractions, a cursing tea kettle (don’t ask), a worm creature, a talking spider, farting and burping creatures, a demented glowing eyed clown (Gingerclown himself) and other embarrassing things you probably don’t want to know about.

With the DVD cover proudly displaying star credits for Tim Curry, Brad Dourif, Sean Young, and Lance Henriksen, one would think this film would surely be worth watching, right? Right? Unfortunately, no. Not only does the cover commit a sinful act of false advertising in that none of those stars actually appear in the film (they only do voice over work for grotesque puppets and or people in bad bad costumes), but the “Gingerclown” film itself is quite possibly one of the worst films made in the past decade.

While the amusement park of horrors premise sounds enticing on paper, it ultimately goes to waste in this woefully misguided 80’s horror throwback. Aside from the production design team who put far more effort into the film’s many sets than writer/director Balazs Hatvani put into the script, “Gingerclown” is excruciatingly painful from start to finish. Not only do the characters of Sam and Jenny wander around the park aimlessly facing the goofiest creatures imaginable, but the non-scary film is flat-out boring. Not even the film’s titular clown character (shamelessly voiced by Tim Curry) is of interest as he plays like an obvious Pennywise reject.


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? The moody cinematography by Peter Graf looks sharp in standard definition. Truth be told, the cinematography is the best thing about this entire film.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? Despite the fact that the sound f/x and music are strangely overly loud at times, this is a solid track.

The only extras are a digital copy, Lionsgate trailers, a “Gingerclown” trailer, and a featurette titled “The Making of Gingerclown.”

Overall Thoughts: “Gingerclown” plays like a Full Moon film reject. It would be easy to give it a pass if the film was “so bad it’s good,” but the film has zero entertainment value. If I were the cast members, I would leave this film off of my resume. Avoid this one, folks.

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