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Werewolf Rising DVD Review

Werewolf Rising DVD

“Werewolf Rising” is a virtually plotless werewolf flick.

After struggling with alcoholism, Emma decides to embark on a relaxing get away to her hometown cabin somewhere in the Arkansas hills. Alas, her hopes of getting any much needed peace are ruined after she encounters an escaped convict (Johnny Lee), his alcoholic sleazebag Uncle (Wayne), and another escaped convict (Rhett) who just happens to be a murderous werewolf. Can Emma survive? Will anyone else be turned into a werewolf? Will you even care what happens?

“Werewolf Rising” is one of those cheap indie horror movies that make you wonder if there was actually a script involved. Between the lack of eventful scenes and the long time filling shots to the thrift store level werewolf costume and the cringe worthy dialogue, the entire film feels as if it was made on the fly. It’s as if writer/director BC Furtney knew he could get funding for a werewolf film so he tried to build a movie around that. Unfortunately, he forgot to include intelligent characters and something resembling a plot.

As for the cast, it doesn’t fare any better. While Bill Oberst Jr. is professional as always, the leading lady (Melissa Carnell) has a very limited acting range. Half the time she looks like she’s about to laugh after every line and the other half of the time she is overacting beyond belief.


Presentation: 1.78:1. How does it look? Aside from some nice location shooting, this looks like a sparse low budget film.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? The blatant “Halloween” esque score sounds decent, but the dialogue is a bit rough in spots to say the least.

The only extras are RLJ Entertainment trailers.


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