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Hercules Blu-ray Review

Hercules Blu-ray

“Hercules” is a middle of the road Disney animated film.

In his quest to rule all via the monstrous Titans, the wise cracking ruler of the Underworld (Hades) learns that one obstacle stands in his way of domination- Hercules (the son of Zeus). Upon learning this, Hades orders his minions to get rid of Hercules, but rather than killing him, Hercules is turned into a mere mortal who still possesses his super strength. Since he is no longer immortal, however, Hercules is forced to live on Earth where he has trouble fitting in. Thankfully, Zeus tells Hercules that if he can become a true hero, his status as a God will be restored. With the help of his trainer Phil and his trusty horse Pegasus, Hercules begins a new journey in life. Will Hercules become a God again or will Hades make sure that never happens?

Before the “Hercules” movie craze of 2014, Disney put out their own version way back in 1997. Disney’s take on the Greek Mythological hero was clearly trying to replicate the success of “Aladdin” with its song heavy soundtrack, colorful imagery, fast talking characters, and numerous pop culture references to everything from The Rolling Stones and “Midnight Cowboy” to Roger Ebert and “I Love Lucy.” Despite being a minor hit, however, “Hercules” has never been a highly regarded entry in their catalogue.

Unlike other Disney animated films, “Hercules” feels rather uninspired as it lacks the energy, originality, and a sturdy middle act to make it stand out in the pantheon of Disney animated films. Sure, the 3D Titan beasties, the scene stealing villain Hades, and some of the tunes (namely “Go The Distance” and “Zero To Hour”) are memorable, but those highlights do not a movie make. More often than not, the film goes through the motions as viewers slog through overlong training scenes, a flat love story between Meg and Hercules, and a repetitive Gospel narrative device.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? As you can tell from the crystal clear picture quality, this is a definite upgrade from past home video releases. This is far and away the definitive home video release to date.

As for the audio, the 5.1 DTS-HD track is livelier than ever. The songs, voice acting, and sound f/x are as crisp as can be.

* DVD copy and Digital HD copy.
* A music video for Ricky Martin’s “No Importa La Distancia.”
* A From Zero To Hero Sing-Along feature.
* Disney trailers.
* ‘The Making of Hercules”- A behind-the-scenes featurette that sells the movie.


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