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Ben 10 Omniverse: Galactic Monsters DVD Review

Ben 10 Omniverse- Galactic Monsters DVD

“Ben 10 Omniverse: Galactic Monsters” is more watchable than the original “Ben 10.”

In the latest “Ben 10 Omniverse” DVD release dubbed “Galactic Monsters,” viewers get 3 consecutive season 5 episodes titled “Rad Monster Party,” “Charmed, I’m Sure,” and “The Vampire Strikes Back.” In this trilogy arc, Ben, Rook, Rad, and Hobble crash land on the planet Anur Transyl. While stranded on the planet until they are able to fix their shop, the group encounters problems with locals and come into contact with menacing villains such as Zs’Skayr (AKA Ghostfreak), Kupuhulu (these puns and references are always groan worthy), Dr. Viktor, and the powerful Lord Transyl.

When it comes to “Ben 10 Omniverse,” there’s little doubt that this animated series is strictly designed for children. Unlike series such as “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” or “Regular Show,” the Ben 10 verse lacks the crossover appeal to older audiences. This is by no means a bad thing since every show (or film) has its core audience, but to say this series is not my cup of tea is an understatement. Between the often groan worthy gags and humor and reliance on mindless action, “Ben 10 Omniverse” certainly feels more like a toy ad than an actual show. With that said, this series is a definite improvement from its previous incarnation. Not only is this trio of episodes more ambitious, but the animation design (particularly the creatures) has come a long way from the bland visuals of the original “Ben 10.”


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? While the animation may not be of the highest quality, it still looks solid in standard definition.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? The sound f/x, music, and voice acting are as crisp as it can possible be with a 2.0 track.

* 2 bonus season 5 episodes titled “Something Zombozo This Way Comes” and “The Vampire Strikes Back” which finds Ben and co. facing off against Zombozo (and zombie clowns) and Darkstar. Gwen also makes an appearance in ‘Vampire.’
* Trailers for “Ben 10 Omniverse” DVDs.

Overall Thoughts: The mythology and stories may not resonate with adults, but kids still seem to be digging the adventures of Ben Tennyson and company.

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