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Pumpkinhead Blu-ray Review

Pumpkinhead Blu-ray

“Pumpkinhead” is a fairly routine horror film.

The plot: After a small town store owner (Ed) learns that his son (Billy) is accidentally killed by a group of vacationing teens dirt biking, the heartbroken father visits a witch for help. Unable to have his son resurrected, Ed settles for revenge which comes in the form of a murderous, giant grotesque monster (Pumpkinhead). One by one, the teens are killed off, but Ed soon regrets his decision as he finds himself connected to Pumpkinhead in certain ways.

“Pumpkinhead” is one of those cult horror movies in which the creature is better than the actual movie. From a story standpoint, the film is a standard revenge tale that offers little in the way of surprises. From a special effects standpoint, however, the film is a blessing as Stan Winston’s creature creation has justifiably become an iconic monster in the horror film community.

In looking at the Pumpkinhead creature, your mind becomes instantly flooded with imaginative ideas and questions about what it is. Unfortunately, all of those thoughts and possibilities are far more interesting than what we get as the creature is ultimately wasted here (and in the dreadful sequels). If there was eve one monster that needed a reboot, Pumpkinhead were certainly be it.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite the presence of dirt specs and grain, this transfer is a significant upgrade from the DVD.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This new audio track definitely gives the film more life.

* “Pumpkinhead” theatrical trailer and other Scream Factory title trailers.
* A still gallery and 7 minutes of behind the scenes f/x and costume footage.
* “Remembering The Monster Kid: A Tribute To Stan Winston”- A touching tribute to the late Stan Winston in which various creature effects artists and industry veterans talking about the legendary special effects maestro.
* “Demonic Toys” is a featurette on “Pumpkinhead” toys.
* A busy and informative commentary by Gary Gerani, Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff, Jr., and moderator Scott Spiegel.
* “The Boy With The Glasses With Matthew Hurley”- An interview with the actor who played Billy.
* “The Redemption of Joel With John Di’Aquino”- The actor discusses his Joel character.
* “Night of the Demon With Richard Weinman”- An interview with the co-story creator who chats about the poem that the film was based on.
* “Pumpkinhead Unearthed”- The centerpiece of the extra features is this fantastic 64 minute featurette that contains cast and crew interviews, discussions about Stan Winston and how the film came about, set photos (and set footage), film clips, conversations about set experiences, and much more.

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