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Regular Show: Rigby Pack DVD Review

Regular Show- Rigby Pack DVD

Rigby gets the spotlight in the lates “Regular Show” DVD release “Rigby Pack.”

Considering there’s been 50 “Regular Show” home video releases (I’m only slightly exaggerating here), one would think that Warner Bros. would have exhausted the catalogue of episodes by now. With “Rigby Pack,” however, the studio proves that there is still life left in the themed single disc releases.

In this 16 episode collection that contains episodes from the first 5 seasons, viewers can expect to see episodes involving a basketball arcade game, Rigby’s brother Don, a fortune from a fortune cookie, Rigby skydiving while eating a burrito, a battle of the bands competition, a problematic wall buddy device, Rigby and Mordecai lost in the wild, Rigby training to do a pull up, a temp worker, Rigby changing his name to Trash Boat, geese, stuntman training academy, a Japanese Game Show, a sandwich cure, and Rigby having an unfortunate out of body experience.

While I still prefer the season set releases, “Rigby Pack” is definitely one of the stronger collections to date thanks to an entertaining assortment of episodes. Whether the junk food loving Rigby is blabbing about Chimichangas or having a heart to heart moment with his brother, these Rigby centric episodes are both funny and, yes, even heartfelt at times.

Of course, if you’re more attracted to the oddball elements of “Regular Show,” worry not as there’s plenty of delightfully weird moments here as well with a clever Japanese Game Show parody episode (“Fool Me Twice”) and an inspired bit of “stunt” casting with Bobcat Goldthwait playing an Evel Knievel like character called Johnny Crasher in “The Heart of a Stuntman.”


Audio Track: Widescreen. How does it look? While the series looks infinitely better on Blu-ray, the animation still looks adequate here in standard definition.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? Rigby would approve of this track.

The only extras include “Regular Show” and “Adventure Time” ads.

Overall Thoughts: If you can’t pick up the season sets for budgetary reasons, these affordably priced single disc “Regular Show” sets are worth picking up.


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