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Dead Within DVD Review

Dead Within DVD

“Dead Within” is dead on arrival.

The plot: After a zombie outbreak occurs, a couple (Mike and Kim) lock themselves inside a remote cabin. As the couple try to adjust to their tragic new situation and work through past traumas, they also have to be weary of the horrors that lie outside their doors. Unfortunately for them, supplies are extremely limited inside the cabin which forces Mike to have to venture outside to find food and other necessities. Kim, meanwhile, is forced to stay in the cabin all by her lonesome where she slowly begins to lose her mind…or does she?

As you can tell from the above plot synopsis, “Dead Within” is a film about survival, paranoia, and isolation. What you probably don’t know is that these points are driven into the ground early and often. To say this low budget, psychological zombie film isn’t subtle is the understatement of the century. For the vast majority of the running time, all the viewers see are the two main characters wandering around the cabin. It’s not until the last couple of minutes where a scene actually takes place outside! While the claustrophobic element may sound intriguing on paper, the execution leaves much to be desired due to choppy editing, unlikable bickering characters, an overdone emphasis on Kim’s mindset, and a lack of eventful scenes. As if all of that weren’t enough reason, the conclusion contains an out of nowhere music cue that SHAMEFULLY rips off “Friday The 13th”!

To be fair, “Dead Within” is not without merit. The musical door knocks for human verification was a nice touch as was the headless corpse vision. But, make no mistake about it, those few precious moments aren’t worth slogging through this tiresome zombie thriller for.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? Considering the film is almost entirely shot in one location, the film looks entirely cheap looking (not to mention visually bland).

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? Despite the fact that the stock sound f/x are distracting and sometimes cartoonish, this audio track is sufficient.

The only extras include Millennium Entertainment trailers and 4 deleted scenes with optional commentary by Ben Wagner.


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